Diving In Javea

Have you ever wondered what it looks like at the bottom of the sea? What it feels like to swin alongside swarms of mediterrenean fish? Well, Javea has some ideal options for you in that case.

Due to the unique layout of the Javea bay and surrounding area, its possible to do diving on virtually any level. From absolutely beginners to even very experienced divers can still find new challenges, exciting explorations and have a wonderful time practicing this specialist hobby.

diving in javea

If you are a relatively inexperienced diver a couple of spots such as Grendalla, Tango Bay and Cala Blanca will most likely suit you perfectly. They are easily accessible, straightforward dives without too many hidden traps or challenges. Yet, they still offer amazing scenery above water and not least in the miraculous world below. The water is generally extremely clean, pleasant and full of the oceans most beautiful creatures.

For more experienced divers Las Rocas is a wonderful spot to explore. Some of the previously mentioned spots also included some more advanced challenges, swim throughs and caverns for instance at Grenadella cove and Tango Bay. And speaking of caverns, if you are truly up for a challenge the Javea diving map contains plenty of caverns and cave diving opportunities with rewarding experiences along the way. Be warned though, some of these, for instance the cave diving spot at Cumbre De Sol, are severely challenging.

If you have never tried diving before but fancy the idea, there are plenty of diving schools and classes in town. The quality is incredibly high as the competition is fierce, so you can rest assured you will get the best education possible before venturing out to sea. Diving lessons wont throw you in the deep end of nutty cave dives from day1 by the way, its normally a gradual process where you start within the safe boundaries of a swimming pool with an instructor guiding you, later expanding to very simple low water dives in the sea with the instructor and so forth. During such a process you will be helped to gain the skills you need to have pleasant and safe dives – and obviously you can add more advanced skills to your repertoire later on as you get more experienced and hungry for bigger challenges. The easiest way of starting out is to walk into one of the diving shops in Javea and inquire about the possibilities. The diving shops are typically attached to a school of diving or at the very least able to recommend a good one. You find the diving shops on the Javea port, theres a couple of excellent ones on the road from Javea to Cabo De La Nao and so forth.

If you are sitting at home plotting holidays in Javea centered around diving you are adviced to make contact with one of the diving schools prior to your trip to ensure that they have available spots for you at the right time. Further, googling for instance some of the spots mentioned above like diving at Grenadella, Cala Blanca or Cumbre De Sol makes good sense, as you can plan which ones you fancy trying – and book your holiday accomodation in Javea accordingly. For instance, if you are determined to spend a week diving at Cumbre De Sol, theres reason to randomly book a holiday home at Grenadella as it would be quite an annoying daily trip for you.

Anyway, do a bit of further research and get your diving gear packed up. Javea is ready for all diving fans with plenty of marvellous experiences at the bottom of the sea waiting for beginners and experts alike.

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