Days Out From Jávea – Terra Mitica Theme Park

Fancy a day out with your family and kids during your holiday in Jávea ? The options are plentiful but one popular choice is the Terra Mitica Theme Park.

Based on the five greatest empires of the ancient world, Terra Mitica theme park is a playground of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Mediterranean Islands and Iberia. Just because this is a day you have reserved for your kids, does not mean you don’t have to join the fun. There are grown-up rides as there are kids’ rides. There are actually 15 rides for kids that resemble the grown-up ones. It is claimed that the park has the most daring rides in the whole of Europe. And since there are too many of them, you can’t possibly try them all in one day. You can buy a season ticket so when you want to go back the next time, you can pay the entrance fee at a discounted price. What’s more, you only need to pay once and you can try all the ride’s inside.

Terra Miticaterra mitica spain Inferno inversió

Let’s take a look at what each of these historical empires has to offer:

Egypt: The Great Pyramids and the Nile River are the first attractions you’ll see as you enter the park. And if you’re ready to take the action, the Nile Waterfalls is all set to trigger the excitement in you. Warning: this is not for the faint hearted! This is because you’re going to be forward dropped twenty meters then a back drop that can scare you to death.


Rome: If you wish for a fear-filled ride, be taken 70 meters in the air and be dropped at 120km/hour at the Flight of the Phoenix. So much for its name, you bet. For your kids is the story of Fire and the Phoenix featured in the ride called Magnus Colossus, the park’s own version of Tentaculus.

Greece: Scream at the top of your lungs at Synkope, a giant red wheel that spins and swings 70 people. You can also explore Ancient Greece with your children on a horseback. The Temple of Kinetos is not hard to miss in this part of the park.

Mediterranean Islands: If water rides are what attracts you most, the Mediterranean is where you should be. You battle with sea currents as you try to rescue Ulysses in the Rapids of Argos.


Iberia: Your Crazy Cars have turned to giant cows, sheep and bulls! If you want to experience the nastiest locomotive, say “Choo! Choo!” to El Tren Bravo.

If you and your children are not adrenaline junkies, there are more calm rides, like the gentle cruise from Alexandria to Iberia that gives you a fantastic view of all the rides in the park. But the rides are not the only fun part in Terra Mitica theme park. You can enjoy one or a couple of the 35 shows every day. There’s the circus, myths and legends of the Mediterranean told, and the great pirates of the oceans.

Discount Vouchers For Terra Mitica in Javea
Rebate vouchers for tickets to Terra Mitica can be found at several places in Jávea. Take note that multiple different discount schemes exist simultaneously – so its all about choosing the cheapest option for your specific family.

Signing up for the Iceland Supermarkets loyalty card earns you a 50% rebate on the entrance for the entire family, McDonalds in Jávea provide discounts when you buy a meal that allows a kid in for every adult entrance purchased and all the BP Garages in the area stock standard discount vouchers for Terra Mitica allowing entry for 8euros for adults and 6euros for kids.

Terra Mitica – A Perfect Trip For Families With Kids
You love your kids so much that you want them to make the most out of their childhood. You want them to plunge into different oceans of excitement. You want them to see the whole world and experience every possible adventure the world has created.

So, now that the sun is greeting you a bright summer and the school holidays are almost here, don’t deny them the thrilling and fun experience of Terra Mitica Theme Park on the hillside in Benidorm, Spain.

If you feel like a trip out from Jávea with your kids and fancy funny things to do in Spain that does not involve the beaches or bars, the Terra Mitica amusement park is one of the greatest options on the Costa Blanca. Basically, this is how you define a fun-packed summer vacation!

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