Montgó National Park – Days Out From Javéa

Any and all tourists visiting the Jávea Spain area has seen Móntgo from a distance. But few have explored the wonders of the Móntgo National Park that awaits just beyond the city borders of Xabia. It is well worth taking a day away from the beach to enjoy the views, explore the fauna and admire the mountainous terrains of Móntgo though.

When some of the best national parks along the coast line beauty are named in the country of Spain, Montgo National park is sure to come at the top.Montgo National park is one of the biggest as it ranges of its boundary up to 5315 acres and blessed with the beauty of flora that ranges up to 665 type of species and fauna at its best.


This is one of the few National reserve that stands well with the history as the reserve has been declared a protected  reserve as it does engulf the remains of the Iberian civilization that can be well traced as one have glimpse over the historic cave paintings of the reserve along the coastal line. Being one of the most diverse national park the park has the best blend of marine birds like yellow footed gull at one side and on other birds like royal owl, peregrine falcon and numerous raven, seagull are found those are a sure attraction for a bird lover and even invertebrate species along the deep inside forest and coastline as well are found. The rain is common phenomena in this park as the upper part that is mountainous part of this park is dry comparatively which in turn showers rain at the lower part of the forest. One of the prime attractions of the Montgo National park is the beautiful Montgo Mountain which draws tourist from all over Spain and Europe and of spectacular appearance to capture on films.

The Mountaineering enthusiast are sure to go through one of the best experience and as the top of the mountain can be accessed from all sides its quite an easy to start for and the hard work would be paid back by the jaw dropping view of the coastline and if one is having good luck backing up then a good view of Ibiza can be traced. The ecosystem of the park is indeed to feast upon by the tourist. The particular region of the national reserve is basically known as the Alicante province of Spain.


The next big question that comes to mind obviously is “How and where to stay at the Montgo National Park “?

The stay at the national park can be of a memorable experience at an affordable price range as there are villas that can be taken for rent with all amenities like swimming pool, good food etc. are available .It is recommended to avoid October and November month to visit this national park as the rainy season is at its peak during this season. This Park draws about 42000 visitors every year and the transport facilities to this blessed and outstandingly beautiful forest is also up to the mark via train and car. The overall magnificent aura of this national park has taken up the interest of the visitors from all background and the rapidly increasing feasible transport route has given a boost to opening of personalized houses, villas etc. at the park even though the approval to these plots are given at a restricted planned way and it is well cared of that the ecosystem does not get affected by it.

Montgo spainEl_Montgó_des_del_Poble_Nou

The arrangement of safety from the natural inhabitants of the national park and even the mountain slope laden raisins and numerous produce can be seen from grapes that are largely seen in this park which can be accessed under permission. The experience of a whole some national forest of Montgo National Park is sure to have a permanent mark on the mind of its visitors and they keep coming back for more at the Valencian crown of Spain “MONTGO NATIONAL PARK”.

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