Javea Holidays – What To Do In May?

The weather is already warm enough on the Costa Blanca to spend most days in the sunshine at the beach. The weather can be a bit temperamental but if youre staying for say a week, certainly 4-5 of those days should usually be pleasantly warm enough to sunbathe and have a drink in the bar bars. However, if you are plotting a pre-season break in Javea, there are plenty of activities to consider as well during the month of may to keep you entertained.

First and foremost may is the month of the annually recurring Javea Folk Festival. I know the mentioning of a festival will bring associations to campsites full of drunken youngsters, no shower for a week and giant stages with international rock stars. Thats not quite how it works in Javea. The Javea folk festival features only one concert per night, normally on friday and saturday evenings, and is spread out over several nights. This year the festival starts on thursday 3rd of may with GRUP DE TEATRE ETC PEDREGUER I LA ROMÀNTICA DE SALADAR, they are followed by a flamenco performance by Las Migas on the 4th, Coetus featuring Elisio Parra playing traditional iberian folk music on the fifth and finally the upcoming world music singer songwriter Ana Alcaide on the 6th of may.

Faltriquera In Javea – at the Javea Folk Festival 2010

The 3 first concerts are all at Plaza De La Constitution in Javea Oldtown. They are outdoor concerts with seating available, whereas Ana Alcaide performs at La Ermita de Santa Llúcia. Entrance is free to all of the concerts at the Javea Folk Festival and its hard to recommend these unique spanish folk concerts enough, they tend to be of extraordinarily good quality, theyre all playing interpreted traditionals or originally composed music and the atmosphere tends to be fantastic. After a long day at the beach its simply bliss to head up to Javeas historic centre for dinner in one of the many quality restaurants and then end the night with a top class concert as the sun sets over old town.

faltriquera in javea

Surprisingly, the local football team CD Javea is on the verge of reaching the promotion playoffs for promotion to the third division. If youre having a vacation in holiday during may, youre guaranteed an exciting experience by heading to the local stadium for the final few games of the promotion campaign. Its lower league football but its surrounded by enthusiasm from all of the local community.

bull running javea

The end of april and start of may is also the time for the grand fiesta Jesus Nazareno, that features a whole range of daily activities for its duration, including the traditional bull running (it has nothing to do with bull fighting … there is no cruelty involved in bull running … not to the bulls anyway, it happens that someone doesnt get out of the way in time and gets run over by the jolly bulls running through town), religious celebrations, the mandatory excessive firework displays and nightly fiestas with DJs and live music.

Apart from these bigger events and fiestas there plenty of other activities and events to indulge in during may. The beach bar Mintt and probably several of the others have their opening parties for 2012. The local photographer from Xabia Maravellosa, Vicente Domenech, has a spectacular exhibition of his work. Local artist Susana Escudero is on display at an exhibition at Casa De Cable.

If you prefer more active holiday activities theres a variety of zumba classes on the beach and elsewhere, yoga classes, diving classes starting up for beginners, you can try out your talents at salsa or go to one of the countless weekend fiestas at discos and nightclubs such as Socco, Penelope, Achill and La Locura.

fiesta in javea

There is good reason to book an early holiday in Javea. Prices are cheaper on the javea holiday rentals prior to the main season, the beaches are less crowded and theres plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy on your days away from the beach.

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