Granadella Beach

Granadella beach is located in a tiny cove by Javea. It spoils it visitors with some of the most amazingly breathtaking scenery you could possibly hope to find. At the same time grenadella is strangely quiet and undisturbed which only adds to the natural beauty of this hidden gem.

Finding granadella cove or the granadella beach can be a struggle. It is hidden away down steep and narrow mountain roads through desolated scenery behind the buzzing beach resort Javea. But the effort to find Granadella is indeed extremely worthwhile and rewarding.

grenadella beach

Firstly, the beach at Granadella is pebbled rather than sandy, however its pleasant and smooth enough to simply enjoy sunbathing and dazing in amazing surroundings. The granadella cove is surrounded by mountains lending it an almost cave like atmosphere of unseen beauty. In fact, if you like to explore ancient caves Grenadella sports those too, but be prepared for a challenging walk or swim to get to them.

The mountain tops round the grenadella cove can only be reached by foot and will take some stamina and supplies. Do not venture upthere without sufficient supplies of water and perhabs a few snacks for the road. However, the walk itself is an amazing mountain journey with fantastic unparalelled views across the cove, out to sea and backwards through the mountanous isolated valleys. Once reaching the top youre spoiled with not only the incredible views but the ruins of a historic castle as well.

grenadella cove

Facilities at Grenadella cove are in much lesser supply than at the main Javea resort, the arenal. However, there are a couple of primarily seafood restaurants, a busy little bar with pleasant outdoor seating as well as public toilets and rescue facilities at the beach. You dont choose a holiday or visit to Grenadella for the buzz though, you choose it for the unspoiled beauty and the surprising peace and quiet still remaining at this hidden little pearl in Javea. It is possible to rent a holiday villa at Grenadella or a small townhouse on the road leading to the cove, but you need to be very specific when searching them out as the area is tiny compared to the vast urbanisations of Javea and “nearby Grenadella” could mean up the other side of the mountain. If you do choose to spend your vacation at Grenadella cove you most definitely need a car for the duration of the stay, as the nearest taxis are back at Javeas arenal and no other regular forms of transport are easily available or convenient.

Granadella beach is one of those rare little places you only see on films -  and in fact you can as the Bruce Willis blockbuster The Cold Light of Day was actually shot in Javea round the Granadella cove. Dont cheat yourself out of the experience Bruce Willis and a select few others had, go treat yourself to a day, a week or a month enjoying the peace, the beauty and the unspoiled nature of Granadella cove.

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Holiday Rentals Javea

Javea is a busy seaside resort on the Costa Blanca during the summer months. With a relative lack of hotels nearby Javea the majority of tourists spend their vacation time here in holiday rentals in Javea or nearby urbanisations. Generally, the closer the vacation rental is to the Arenals sandy beaches, the more expensive it will be, however there are bargains to be found still and last minute deals from landlords desperate to fill their properties.

The general quality of rental villas in Javea is incredibly high. Swimmingpools, wifi internet, ensuite bathrooms is more of a necessity here than a luxury extra. Most often though the villas for rent will require you to rent a car or find other ways of transporting yourself during your stay, as they will typically be located a few kilometres from the actual beach and centre of the resort. A limited number of villas are available for rent within walking distance of the Arenal beach, for instance on Ultramar, however they tend to charge dearly for the privilige.

The rental apartments in Javea come in a wider range of qualities than the villas and as such you would be advised to do proper research of the specific apartment to ensure it lives up to your expectations. There are well maintained and luxury apartments with seaview and within walking distance of the beach, plenty of them, but obviously you must be willing to pay for the comfort and convenience. On the upside you dont particularly need a car when staying in such accomodation, as all facilities are within walking distance including doctors, shopping, playgrounds for the kids etc. Ask the rental agent or landlord for a specific map and recent pictures prior to booking though, as alot of apartments are indeed guest houses or underbuilds to villas much further from the Arenal beach, other centrally located apartments suffer from a lack of maintenance or facilities. So, if youre opting for a nice beach resort apartment for your vacation in Spain, Javea can certainly deliver, but you need to do a little bit of homework.

In terms of pricing you generally get what you pay for. On average an 800euro villa is nicer than a 400euro one. However, there are tips and tricks to get the holiday accomodation of your dreams without having to get on your knees in the local bank first. Firstly, rental agents charge an agents fee, provide change overs at a cost and has built in advertising costs, as such it is only natural that professional rental agents charge a higher fee per week for their holiday rentals than private landlords. You can probably cut round 20% off the price simply by going private, although the rental agents come with the extra security of having an office you can go to if something isnt satisfactory, some accountability in terms of business registration and reputation to maintain etc. The reports of fraudulent private landlords are few and far between, merely cautioning that if you want added security when paying your deposit or facing a complaint, a rental agent is a better option for you.

Forget your shyness, be blunt and ready to haggle for a better price. Specially in these times when the crisis has hit Spain hard, alot of rental agents and private landlords will be willing to negotiate downwards from their listing prices. Expect some leeway but obviously you will be rejected if you make laughable offers of say less than 50-60% of the listing price.

holiday villa javea

Knowing how to find the best offers might be the most efficient shortcut to proper bargains though, and the highest ranked or most popular rental agent websites will usually be the exact wrong place to start. Try using the local groups on facebook instead for instance. If you are looking for a rental holiday home in Javea, try joining the local group “Javea Connect”, make a post including your requirements and suddenly the offers will come to you instead of vice versa. Similarly local newspapers often have online versions you can browse through for offers, that might not be available through the normal rental agent channels.

Whatever you choose, have a fantastic holiday in Javea. Try to take at least one day off away from the beach and get a glimpse of the extra ordinary beauty, the many astonishing landmarks and viewing points, the historic architecture or the other leisure activities available. Bon voyage!

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Tourism Information Javea

New tourist information opportunities on the bar strip by the sandy beach, the arenal. Javea’s Councillor for Tourism, Antonio Miragall, revealed the design and style of name brand-new information booth That will be to the Paseo del Arenal with this in mind summertime. This seasonal post offers the permission of Costas therfore the affirmation of a Municipal Council for Tourism.

Tourist-Information-Booth javea
Depending on the Councillor, a traveler information booth within your Arenal is just necessary considering the organization community this particular topic as this is the best heavily-visited areas contained in the product town.
Wedding initial proposal was the suitable temporary booth, throughout reality they acquiesced to accept a construction within a contemporary, original art which may sleep in new look about this redesigned promenade. The wooden, trapezoid-shaped booth is 4×3 metres in size. The booth, which explains made of 3 construction plus an enclosed countertop, should certainly get closed in the evening with see-through blinds so passers-by can see inside. The actual will be around 20,000 Euros.

tourism javea
To include in Miragall, the modern booth are normally position right at the end of June of your respective northern end about this promenade and in addition been coded such that it is truly dismantled and relocated on the cold winter season. The Councillor indicated that booth are going to be staffed by traveler information workplace workforce that will force the sporadic closure from the workplace in Avenida del Pla.
To feature, Miragall announced the publication within your new tips and methods your existing Capital of scotland- Javea (or Xàbia Histórica), may well be available from the traveler information offices and the particular Easter fair registered at about a amazing sales portion of the Municipal Collection {with a of 2 Euros. The bilingual guide (Castellano and Valenciano) informs the storyplot by means of environment and buildings as nicely eldest sections of the town for people who wish to know upwards of the basic concepts inside of the traveler pamphlets. Versions of your guide in English, German, French and Dutch are going to be around.

The Councillor furthermore confirmed that hiking paths and information panels are really improved and reminded everyone this Saturday sees the initial together with the the brand-new theatrical path inside a Port entitled “El Puerto de todos los Sueños” – the prominent harbour of Desires.
Moreover, special BIDI codes that are rubbed towards the content panels of famous buildings out contributing to since previous October. So far, users of Smartphones had the ability to reach the municipal a how does a person find out about a brief history inside the building at issue. However, the city Hall proceeded to go a pace further and we’ll shortly get providing short sound information in five dialects (Castellano, Valenciano, English, German and French) that provides a conclusion for the peculiarities of every the buildings. These concise, clear and pleasing explanations, which past from a minute . 5 to two moments {in order to non ever fatigue the listener, has also been posted over a tourism website which enable it to get downloaded internationally.

Both departments make an endeavor to work this ready by Easter, simply because the stores and streets to the Old Town are busiest with visitors. This app is actually a practical way to experience a guided famous look as part of your town which have no restrictions rrn the timetable.

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The Arenal – Javeas Sandy Beach

The busiest part of Javea is the Arenal … the sandy beach and its surrounding areas full of seaside restaurants, nightclubs and holiday apartments. During the summer months the arenal in Javea is literally busy 24/7 with the first bars opening before the last ones close. Restaurants for each and every taste flashing their daily goodies from Spain, Austria, India, China, Italy and where ever else you might fancy a taste from.

javeas sandy beach - the arenal

The reason for the buzz about the arenal is of course the georgious sandy beach. The shallow bay is perfect for families with kids as the water is low, blue flagged and guarded by lifeguards at all times. Tourists stream to this pearl on the meditarenean that has all the facilities, beaches and nightlife options of much bigger resorts, but still manage to cater for those enjoying a bit of traditional spanish culture or simply peace and quiet during their holiday in Spain.

javeas sandy beach - the arenal

Generally the pricing on the arenal is higher than in other parts of town. Bargain hunters are definitely adviced to seek out the oldtown with its little specialist stores and much lower prices. However the arenal provides anything a family might need during their Costa Blanca vacation and as such you can just check in to your rental apartment by the beach, put on plenty of suncream and enjoy a week in the sun.

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Holiday Tips – Costa Blanca

The Kingdom of Spain
Spain is well known throughout the world ready for its flamenco performers and bullfights. The architecture reverberates the African fashion. Cave paintings, renaissance cathedrals, Moorish palaces prove the diversity of the us. Spring, fall as well as early summer are genuinely soothing here, whereas summertime are boiling.

Spanish may perhaps be the local tongue of Kingdom of spain. English is in addition widely spoken here. All over the duration, Spanish people are getting to be modern to help gel by using a changing times tend to be not any longer conservative. But that hasn’t changed the values, traditions, manners and customs of the coming locals. People here have two surnames; the first one surname {may be used to make reference to the person. To greet someone, a handshake has a great balance. Have a look at small gift along when visiting someone’s house. Save the flowers for special occasions. Dinner is generally taken very late at night. People wear casuals organizations. Men are expected to wear jackets at some restaurants. Swimsuits has to be confined to see the pools and beaches. Recently a ban may possibly be applied on smoking in public places.

spanish restaurants

Shops open quite at the start of the morning and turn into open late after dark. Included in the afternoon, they can indeed be closed in the middle of the day or siesta. Porcelain and leather goods are famous in addition they will be a good idea gifts for relatives and buddies members back home. Bills should be paid along with service charges, so tipping is truly a matter of gratitude.

Voltage is 220 volts and frequency is 50 Hz

Getting There
IBERIA might be the national airline of Spain. Other sorts of low-cost airlines offer services Around. There are also nearly thirty international airports in Spain, out of which Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Malaga are famous.

spanish restaurants

Madrid located at 13km from the city is sufffering from a good bus service every fifteen minutes. Metro services also works to transport travellers with regard to their destinations. Other facilities offered at this air-port are duty free stores, bank, cafe, tourism information, and hotel bookings.
Barcelona can be quite nearby the city, situated far away of 3 km only. Buses are available every 15 minutes and trains end up being found every 20 minutes. Taxis are on the market throughout the day. Duty free shops, restaurants, bank, car hire and tourism information can be purchased here.
There is simply a good network of roads connecting Spain north to south. Toll booths are installed in some areas. Carrying few Euros will help smooth sailing at all the toll booths. If driving one’s private car, this better inside the event the travel insurance covers medical costs too. Carrying a medical kit can prove to be of some help.

Duty Free Gifts
1. 200 smokes or 100 cigarillos 50 cigars or 250g tobacco (300 cigarettes, 150 cigarillos, 70 cigars and 400g of tobacco for EU nationals)
2. 1litre of spirits if exceeding 22 per cent volume or 2 litres of alcoholic beverage not exceeding 22 per cent volume as well as litres of wine (1.5 litre exceeding 22 per cent and 3 litres all the way to 22 per cent and 5 litres of wine for EU nationals)
3. 250ml eau de toilette and 50g of perfume
4. 500g of coffee or 200g of coffee extract (1000g of coffee and 4000g of coffee extract for EU nationals)
5. 100g of tea or 40g of tea extract
6. Gifts as much as Value of approximately €37.26.

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Javea or Xabia ?

A few people have asked why the town is sometimes referred to as Javea, sometimes Xabia.

Its quite simple really, the offical spanish name is Javea and that is what is used internationally too. However, the valencia region has its own language called valenciano, which most locals speak alongside spanish. Xabia is simply Javea in valenciano. In many roadsigns and documents you will see the Xabia & Javea alongside eachother, however by law only the spanish version has to be there … which of course means that patriotic valencians will go out of their way to ensure it says Xabia and only Xabia. This is why you sometimes see official signs painted over with the valenciano version for instance.

Anyway, the town is the same – its just blessed by two languages.

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Javea Port – Lively Latino Quarters

The Javea Port area is probably the least known part of town, but certainly not the least charming with its latino vibe and narrow streets twirling their way under the mighty montgo above. Unlike most resort ports, the Javea port is actually a lively workplace for fishermen. The area is full of fresh fish markets and fish restaurants.

javea port fishingboats

The Javea port is an excellent choice for fish restaurants and chilled outdoor cafes with a seaview on the promenades and plazas. Look out for the Moors and Christians fiesta happening on the Javea port as well, it is quite a spectacle.

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2 Family Holiday Villa In Javea

A beautiful 4 bedroom Javea villa to rent with heated pool and air conditioned/heated bedrooms in the prestigious Mount Montgo area. This holiday villa is a great place to unwind and relax, close to restaurants and Javea.

With the stunning backdrop of the Montgo Mountain in Javea, this villa is a short drive to Javea’s Arenal sandy beach with bars/restaurants/activities and shops. This villa rental is a short trip to 3 restaurants and close to the old town of Javea.

This Javea holiday villa is in a fully-fenced, large plot offering a good degree of privacy with a heated pool and air conditioned/heated bedrooms at no extra cost. There is off road parking. Entry to this villa leads into the hallway where there is a lounge and diner. … Off the kitchen is a utility area, via the back door, where the washing machine is located.

This Spanish villa has a bathroom; 2 twin bedrooms; down 3 steps takes you into a double bedroom and bunk beds with ensuite shower room and access to a terrace. There is a master double bedroom with en suite bathroom. Stairs lead up to a roof terrace.

This holiday villa let has a covered terrace which is up 6 steps with comfortable seating. Steps lead down to the private heated pool surrounded by terracing with lawned garden. Pool heating provided at no extra cost. Perfect for large families or 2 family holidays with facilities for 10 sleeping adults.

Fresh Fruit and Welcome Pack on arrival.

Exclusive personal afternoon boat trips available with an additional Supplement of 200 euros per family

holiday villa spain, Javea Montgo, Costa Blanca, Spain holiday villa spain, Javea Montgo, Costa Blanca, Spain
holiday villa spain, Javea Montgo, Costa Blanca, Spain holiday villa spain, Javea Montgo, Costa Blanca, Spain
holiday villa spain, Javea Montgo, Costa Blanca, Spain holiday villa spain, Javea Montgo, Costa Blanca, Spain
Click the pictures to see bigger versions
For more pictures of holiday villa spain CLICK HERE

See more of this 2 family villa in Javea
Click Here

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Luxury Holiday Rental Spain – 2 Family Villa on the Costa Blanca

Luxury Holiday Rental Spain – 2 Family Villa on the Costa Blanca holiday villa spain, Javea Montgo, Costa Blanca, Spain
Holiday villa spain – Javea Montgo – Costa Blanca – Spain

Sleeps 2 to 10 / 4 bedrooms
1 double bedroom + en suite bathroom
1 double bedroom and bunk beds
+ en suite shower room
2 twin bedrooms
Extra bathroom
Washing Machine
Satellite TV with BBC/ITV
CD Player
Video or DVD plus flims
Playstation 2/DVD
Alarms and Nightlight
Cot, Highchair and stairgates
( available on request)
Air Conditioning in bedrooms
Heated pool
Perfect for 2 families
Near excellent beach
Near busy resort

See more of this Holiday Villa in Javea

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