La Granadella Beach – A Piece Of Paradise

Coming to Spain as a tourist from the North is usually motivated by the sandy beaches and guaranteed sunshine all through the long and warm summer season. We have previously looked at a lot of the Beaches of Jávea, that are among the best in Europe! The Spanish Newspaper has just recently awarded La Granadella beach in Jávea the 4th best beach in Spain, attributing it as a small but magical cove with a beauty beyond description, similar blinding reviews have been filling up the pages of Traveladvisor and other reputable guides to the best beaches in the world.

Granadella beach you might ask? I thought the Arenal Beach was the main attraction of Jávea?


It is. The Arenal beach is the sandy beach with shallow waters to swim in, filled with happy tourists enjoying the many family friendly facilities and plenty of surrounding bars and restaurants. However, in terms of pure beauty and unique experiences La Granadella beach is outside comparison. The Arenal Beach is an excellent spot for classic beach holidays in Spain and a magnet for tourists from around the world. La Granadella beach is tiny, pebbled and much more tranquil, away from busy buzz of the Arenal.

However, La Granadella is your vacation destination of choice on the Costa Blanca if you want a breathtaking breakaway in a peaceful piece of paradise with sparkling clean water, surrounded by mountains leading up to ancient ruins and into undisturbed mountainous wilderness,

  • Blue Flag Beach
  • Red Cross Life Guard Cover
  • Sun loungers, Shades, Toilets and Water-sports rentals

In terms of facilities you do find most things you need at Granadella cove. There are just a few but very nice restaurants with outdoor seating overlooking the glorious beach, the mountains and the sea. A small bar with basic outlet of necessities and other conveniences.


Using La Granadella beach as a base for your holidays is ideal if you want tranquil times by the sea, walks up in the undisturbed mountains to explore the ruins and beautiful views, the diving at Granadella is among the most interesting on the Costa Blanca and the caves makes for exciting adventures. If those types of holiday activities appeal to you, indeed La Granadella is a much more perfect choice of destination than the Arenal Beach area – however the beach at La Granadella is pebbled, not sand, but its tiny pleasant pebbles rather than rocky and makes for a nice place to chill out in gorgeous surroundings. You won´t find a wild night life, sandcastles are difficult to build in the pebbled stones and the choice of restaurants and bars are limited.

The Arenal Beach of Jávea will cater excellently to the majority of tourists visiting Costa Blanca, but the connoisseurs desiring unequaled beauty will agree with that La Granadella beach is  indeed among the very best beaches in Spain.

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La Granadella Beach - A Piece Of Paradise, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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