Campeones Campeones – Spain Won Euro2012

Campeones Campeones …. the chant is heard all over Javéa in the hours after the Spanish 4-0 victory over Italy in the Euro 2012 final.

As is tradition in the football crazy country of Spain, every bar and restaurant had big screens up for the final 90minutes of the European challenge and yet again Espana came out victorious.


In Jávea victories for Spain are always celebrated thoroughly all over town.

Parades of cars covered in Spanish flags drive round town sounding their horns, the roundabouts get occupied by euphoric fans and football lovers of all nationalities stream into the streets from bodegas, cervezerias and beach bars to join in the spontaneous street party.

Spain Won Euro2012 … trashing Italy soundly 4-0. It goes without saying that the streets of Jávea are currently a chaos of jubilant Spanish football fans!

Viva Espana! Por os ellos oe … Campeones Campeones … Do you ever get tired of a good old fashioned football party?

…and indeed, the EURO2012 victory party for the Campeones Espanoles just kept on going in the beach bars, the restaurants, the night clubs and out in the streets of Jávea.

Italian supporters were few and far between in Javea on this night of fiesta and joy – but even those less ecstatic about the results couldn’t help but join the Spanish celebrations.

As always, football parties in Spain and certainly in Jávea were full of euphoria. Uncompromising happiness over the excellent performance of the Spanish team in the EURO2012 spread into the streets with hordes of peoples singing and dancing, flags and fireworks.

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